We wish to extend a warm welcome to students, parents, and supporters from around the world. Tirana International School strives to create an environment in which students achieve exceptional academic, personal and physical goals.  To make this happen, our faculty and staff take on the important responsibility of generating the conditions for success, designing valuable and engaging learning experiences for each age group. We believe that every student comes to school eager to learn, and it is our mission to help this desire to thrive.

To achieve these goals, we strive to offer a rigorous overall program—with equal emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and success orientations—in an accepting, friendly, and supportive environment. I want students and parents alike to know that we are a faculty and staff of caring, dedicated people whose mission is to challenge, encourage, inspire, and support you in every way.

We pride ourselves on the amount of individual attention we can give to students. In the preschool and lower elementary age levels, we have small classes, with two English-speaking adults—a teacher and paraprofessional teacher—in every classroom. Class sizes are small in all other levels, also. Most of our teachers are from North America, with English as their native language; we also have competent Albanian nationals as professional and paraprofessional teachers that serve as an important link to the wonderful country of Albania.

If you are interested in our school, I would like to personally talk with you about how we might best serve your needs as you settle in Tirana.  Please don't hesitate to write or call us to arrange a campus visit or a Skype call if you are currently living overseas.

Looking Forward,

Robert Jackson

Director, Tirana International School