Admission Process 2020-2021

Dear Family,

Please take note of the following steps required for the admission process at Tirana International School:

Step I

Complete the online application form at:

Step II

All the documents below must be submitted through the Open Apply portal.

  • Passport photocopy
  • Immunization records (photocopies)
  • One picture - Digital

School records:
  • Report cards (of last 2 years)
  • Official transcript (13 year old or older)
  • Narrative report
  • Teacher Confidential recommendation and Counselor confidential recommendation
  • Any external test from previous school (MAP,SAT, ect)
  • Documentation regarding accommodations, special programming or disciplinary concerns
* All school documents should be in English or with official translations
  • Parent questionnaire for preschool child

Step III


Additional forms to be completed:

  • Emergency instructions form
  • Pick up permission form
  • Student/Family data consent form
  • Acceptable used policy for technology
  • Student Transportation form registration (Optional)
  • After School Released Procedures

Step IV

Student Testing

Our school will inform you about the scheduled date and time for the testing.

5 - 6 years old will take a short test (School Readiness Screener) and from 7 yeas old and up they will take the MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) test. They will be assessed in: Math, Reading and Language Usage. This processes allows for our educators to best know how to work with the new student and might determine some initial placements.

Please note this is not an entrance exam!


School will send the official date when the student will start school.
+355 42 365239
Tirana International School - QSI