Student Information

The application form will ask for contact, former education, and child photo to be uploaded. Please make sure that you have all necessary data before beginning the process. After submitting the application please check your check list to continue with all the other documents and forms needed for the enrollment process.

Tirana International School operates like a 503c not-for profit organization with respect to all information collected from all stakeholders; students, parents and staff, including children under 13 years of age. TIS will collect personal information on students and their families for record keeping and educational purposes; no personal information will be sold to third parties. As a parent/guardian, you may review your child’s personal information, direct us to delete it, and refuse to allow any further collection or use of the child’s information at any time by contacting us with your request. However, there will be some educational and financial records that we obliged to keep indefinitely as a permanent report of attendance.

What is the last name/family name of the student?

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What does the student preferred to be called?

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